Let Tint City Make Your Vehicle Safe for the Whole Family

by | Mar 1, 2017 | Automotive

Window tint is not just for car owners that want their vehicle to look its best. It is true that tinted windows are a simple way to make a car look more luxurious, but the real benefits are how the tint improves the comfort and safety of everyone inside the vehicle. New parents may want to consider bringing their vehicle to Tint City after the arrival of their newborn for the following reasons.

Reduces Interior Heat

Tinted windows lower interior car temperatures by reducing the amount of sunlight that enters the vehicle. Infants are unable to regulate their body temperatures as easily as older children and adults. This makes them more susceptible to heat stress. Window tinting makes it easier to keep the vehicle cool inside without needing to operate the AC at its highest level. This means less cool air on sensitive babies and less noise to disturb them as well.

Prevents Sunburn Risk

Tint City window film blocks up to 99 percent of the UV rays entering the vehicle. This helps to protect against sunburn and will greatly reduce the risk of skin cancer in the future. Children that experience too much sun exposure in their early years will have double the risk of developing melanoma as adults.

Increases Vehicle Safety

Many people decide to tint their windows to make it harder for thieves to view what is inside and more difficult for them to break the glass. Of course, it is not only thieves that cause auto glass breakage. Accidents and road debris are additional risks. The addition of window tint provides a strong layer of protection against these common roadway incidents. It will not prevent the glass from breaking, but it will keep the glass from shattering across the passengers and causing an injury.

Installing window tint is a fast and affordable service that will easily pay for itself in the resale value of the vehicle and the number of benefits it provides. The experts at Tintcity.com will help customers to choose the level of tint that is best for their needs and apply it seamlessly. Contact them to schedule an appointment or for a free quote.

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