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Jacksonville-area Auto Techs Encourage Motorists to Change Their Tires

According to a study conducted by the NTSB, something like 33,000 individual car accidents happens each year in this country because of bad tires. Florida motorists often don’t think they have to change their tires very often, however, because they’re not treated to the terrible weather that much of the rest of the country gets during cooler months. Unfortunately, they might be luring themselves into a false sense of security.

A group of experts representing tire repair in Jacksonville, FL has stated that the old adage about having to change your tires every 50,000 miles actually makes sense. Motorists who don’t drive very often should still make sure that they swap out their tires every 4-5 years. Cars that are sitting without moving are especially vulnerable.

While you might think that an idle car doesn’t experience much in the way of wear, it actually might be flattening its tires by accident. All of the pressure from the weight of the car is being applied to a single point, which in turn will eventually make the tires start to buckle. This will create a worn side without distributing the wear evenly.

Some automotive technicians promote the practice of tire rotation, which could help to promote a more even wear pattern. Chances are that you drive more toward one end of the vehicle than the other even if you never realize it. Rotating your tires would, in turn, even things out.

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