Investigate the Advantages of Engine Replacement Service in Des Moines IA Before Buying a New Car

by | Dec 25, 2019 | Auto Repair

Americans are holding on to their automobiles. It used to be that everyone waited anxiously for the new models to come out in the fall, and new car sales would surge. Those who could afford it traded in their old ride regularly for shiny, new wheels. Used car lots often gleamed almost as brightly as new showrooms.

That is not the case any longer. Some industry sources estimate that the average automobile stays in service for over six years. Given that many are involved in accidents which render them unusable, those drivers who avoid damage drive their vehicles even longer, as much as a decade.

There are several possible reasons for this phenomenon. Styles changes have become so small that it often takes an expert to tell what model year a vehicle is. New car prices are such that only purchasing a home is a larger expense. Even as the economy slowly recovers from a long downturn, consumers are using disposable income for replacing appliances, refurbishing their homes and making other purchases that have been delayed. New cars will have to wait for many.

The economic impact of replacing an engine in a car that is otherwise in good condition is also a factor. For instance, Engine Replacement Service in Des Moines IA can install a new or rebuilt engine for approximately 10 percent of the cost of a similarly equipped new vehicle. For many, cars are not the status symbol they used to be, and money talks these days.

Consumers should consider all alternatives when experiencing engine problems. Purchasing a new vehicle may be a better move than replacing a worn engine in an existing car. Many times, however, a new engine comes with a warranty, gets better gas mileage than the one it will replace, and represents more environmentally sound decision. An even better reason for replacement, though, is that many people just plain like their car and don’t want to get rid of it. It’s worth the time and certainly worth the money to see what engine replacement service in Des Moines IA consists of in terms of cost, warranty, and performance. For more information or an estimate. Visit Kosiski Auto Parts.

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