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by | Apr 4, 2023 | Auto Insurance

What are some of the hallmarks of solid SR-22 insurance in Chicago? When you are shopping around for it, here are some characteristics that you should be on the look-out for:

You need a firm that will educate you on SR-22 insurance in Chicago

When most people think of SR-22 insurance, they usually think of someone having to carry it because of a drunk driving offense. While that is true, there are many other driving offenses that can cause you to be required to carry an SR-22, and a good insurance carrier will answer all of your questions on that. For example, did you realize that you might have to carry an SR-22 if you have multiple smaller traffic infractions, such as too many speeding tickets or running too many red lights? Even driving without insurance on three different occasions or failure to pay child support could cause you to have to carry an SR-22!

You need a firm that will go over all of the SR-22 options you might have

Another reason you should go with an experienced insurance firm for your SR-22 coverage is that they can assist you with finding the options that are best for you. This would include educating you on various situations where you might qualify for a non-owner SR-22 policy. (Hint: it is when you don’t own a car, but it also is when you don’t regularly use someone else’s car either)

While there is no question that the SR-22 process can be a tricky maze to navigate, a firm such as Insured ASAP Insurance Agency can help you out. For more details, visit them now.

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