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If Your Car is Stolen in Chicago, You’ll Need Towing Services

Car thefts are a problem in Chicago, as well as in the suburbs. Often, car thieves will strip valuable parts from a car, then abandon it. If your car has been stolen and stripped, you’ll need towing services Chicago.

The first step to take if your car has been stolen is to report it to the police. The next step is to search the Chicago Police database to see if it’s in the impound yard. Unfortunately, finding stolen vehicles and arresting car thieves is a low priority for Chicago’s police force.

Even worse, carjackings are on the rise in Chicago. This is an extremely violent form of car theft, that sometimes also results in a kidnapping.

Installing a GPS car tracker can help you find and recover your car if it’s stolen. GPS trackers transmit data over cellular networks, so you’ll need to pay for a carrier. But, it could be worth it. However, once you track your car down, call the police. Do not confront the thieves on your own. Once it’s safe to do so, drive your car home, or call a tow service in Chicago if it’s not driveable. You’ll also need to check to see if your insurance covers any damage, as well as towing services in Chicago.

Having your car stolen is one of the worst situations you can ever face. But, being prepared can make having your car stolen easier to handle.

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