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How Might Windshield Pitting Affect Your Windshield in Lake Oswego, OR?

The windshield on your car is designed to be strong and stand up to temperature changes effectively. It is unlike the windows in your home, which might be single or double pane. Car windshields are made up of several layers of glass, plexiglass, and plastic, all to keep you safe if there is an accident. Still, you may need windshield replacement in Lake Oswego, OR if you are experiencing window pitting.

If you drive a lot on the highway, especially during the winter, your windshield might get pitted. This happens because small pieces of gravel, ice, and sand are constantly impacting the windshield while you drive down the road. Some of these pieces of debris are so small that you don’t see them, and you might not hear the impact. However, with time, these small impacts start to make a major difference in the structural integrity of your windshield and its clarity.

With time, a pitted windshield can affect your view as a driver. You want your windshield to be as clear as possible. You understand that any obstruction of your vision as you drive puts you and your passengers at risk. So when you see window pitting, it’s time to consider a windshield replacement in Lake Oswego, OR. If left unrepaired, a pitted windshield can increase the chance that your windshield will crack or become chipped. It’s better to be proactive in these cases.

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