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Here Are Five Advantages You Gain When You Purchase a Pre-Owned Truck

With gas prices relatively low the past few years, more people are buying trucks because of their durability and safety. Today’s trucks also have much more comfortable interiors to attract buyers with families. While you may be itching to go out and purchase a new truck, a pre-owned truck may be your better option. Here’s why.

Less Expensive
Pre-owned trucks in Canton, OH, are significantly less expensive than new trucks. You might spend as much as $50,000 for a new truck while a used one could cost you less than $20,000. With a pre-owned truck, you can even select a specific price range during your search and stay more within your budget.

Avoid Initial Depreciation
Purchasing a pre-owned truck will help you avoid the initial depreciation that befalls all new trucks. In fact, most new vehicles depreciate an average of 20 percent the first 12 months and 10 percent per year after that. Thus, if you purchase a five-year-old used truck, you avoid the 50 percent depreciation from its initial price.

Larger Selection
In reality, there are many more pre-owned trucks in Canton, OH, than new ones. This gives you more options as far as the model, style, color and year of the vehicle you purchase.

Functional Not Pretty
Trucks are meant to be functional not just pretty. While you can generally keep the outside of your truck looking good, the bed of the truck can get worn and beaten from the cargo or tools you carry. Therefore, if you purchase a pre-owned truck, you’re less likely to stress out about keeping it in perfect condition.

More Flexible Sale
It’s usually much easier to get a good deal on pre-owned trucks in Canton, OH, than new ones. With newer trucks, the dealers keep prices more rigid because of demand and profitability.