Ford Fusion, The Ideal Family Sedan

by | Sep 27, 2017 | Auto Repair

The common vision of a family sedan is a basic car, not very stylish and certainly not luxurious. The Ford Fusion in Barrington has turned that impression of a family sedan on its head. The Ford Fusion is stylish, it is luxurious and it is fun to drive; it also has plenty of space for you and your family is exceedingly safe and very practical. The new Ford Fusion is, by any definition, the ideal family sedan.

An overview of the Ford Fusion:

The first model appeared five years ago and was an immediate success. It was then and still is a handsome automobile with excellent styling, attractive interior and a number of different engine choices. Year after year, the Ford Fusion has received key updates to ensure it stays one big step ahead of any rival, this year is no different.

A major improvement in the 2017 Fusion is the introduction of the Sync 3 infotainment system. Sync 3 is quick and intuitive, things its predecessor was not known for.

All models have had a styling update; any Ford Fusion in Barrington now has push-button ignition and a clever new rotary shifter that allows for more useful space. The car has LED headlights and parking assist that can take over the duties of both parallel and perpendicular parking. If you are interested in top of line luxury, go for the Platinum trim; the interior can easily compete with far more expensive luxury cars.

If you are interested in what is under the hood you will be impressed with the options available. If you opt for the Sport trim, you will get a 2.7L, 325 HP V6. This is the same engine that Ford put in their F-150, a full size pick up. If what you want is a family car with power, the Ford Fusion in Barrington is the ideal choice.

There is no doubt that a Ford Fusion in Barrington is the ideal family sedan, lots of power and great looks. To test drive the Fusion you are invited to visit Arlington Heights Ford.

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