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Dress Up Your RV with New Accessories

Now that you have your high-tech motorhome ready to embark on new adventures, it is time to add a few accessories. Personalizing your mode of transportation helps it to feel more like your home away from home. With a few choice additions to your setup, you will have a relaxing time during any journey.

RV Cord Reels

If you want to simplify your organization when it comes to hoses and electrical cables, add an RV cord reel to your motorhome accessories. With the addition of a cord reel, you eliminate the struggle of untangling your power cords when you arrive at, or leave, a campsite. Choose an electrical or hand-powered reel, depending on your preference, to load up any size cord. Store them easily and neatly in your RV while not in use.

Kitchen Accessories

Travelers who want to make their own meals can benefit from the addition of just about any kitchen accessory, which is made specifically for RV use. Aside from the obvious refrigerator, choosing to add RV-sized appliances like microwave pressure cookers or steamers can mean the difference between canned food for dinner, and a fresh meal. To keep your kitchen in place during wide turns, add bars for the fridge and cabinet. They will prevent anything from opening and creating a mess. Making sure your kitchen is equipped with the right motorhome accessories helps to make the entire trip smoother.

Portable Waste Tanks

If you are traveling long distances, having a portable waste tank on hand can help when you are nowhere near a dump station. Even when you are far away from a campsite bathroom, you can still have a full-service bathroom in the RV. Including an extra waste tank allows you to take an extended trip without having to plot your course around all of the available dump stations in the area.

Make It Your Own

When you get an RV, you usually plan to travel with friends or family a lot. With the bare minimum gear in your motorhome, you risk having to stop constantly for food, bathroom breaks, and additional supplies. With a little care during the planning stage, you can have everything you need inside the motorhome at all times. Enjoy your cross-country trip or your week of camping with less stress and more comfort by adding a few choice accessories.