Diagnosing Four Common Car Issues Before Heading to the Auto Body Shop in Johnson County

by | Nov 8, 2019 | Auto Repair

Make owning a vehicle easier by being able to spot common car issues that require a visit to the auto body shop in Johnson County. In many cases being able to spot issues early on can help save money and aggravation. Getting a vehicle to an auto body shop in Johnson County as soon as a problem pops up can also help to prevent getting stuck on the side of the road and having to be towed in. Read on for how to diagnose what could be going on under the hood.


There are a few things that can indicate a transmission in need of repair. Finding a wet patch of fluid in the driveway is one thing to look for. The car not going into gear correctly is another big indication of transmission issues. You might also smell a burning smell as you drive. If any of these things occur, have the vehicle checked out right away.


One of the most common indications of a bad starter is putting the key in, turning it, and having nothing happen. In some cases, a couple of tries will get it going. However, this only works for a short period of time. Hearing a sound, such as a whirring sound without the car actually turning over and starting is another indication of a bad starter.

Tie rods

Vibrations as the car is driven is often the first indication that tie rods are in need of repair. Another way to check is to park the car and turn the steering wheel back and forth you shouldn’t hear a clunk sound when you do this. If a sound is heard, get them checked out.

Intake manifold gasket

Fluid under the vehicle can indicate an issue with the intake manifold gasket. The check engine light coming on, and an overheating engine also points to the need for new gaskets.

The more that a vehicle owner learns about their vehicle, the better off they are. Having repairs done early helps to prevent more serious issues down the line. For answer and help with any vehicle issues contact Warrensburg Collision.

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