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Buying a Car? The 4 Worst Blunders Shoppers Make

Owning a car can make your life easier. But if you aren’t careful, blunders could cost you a lot and hurt your finances in a big way. Here are some of the worst mistakes you could make, ones you should do your utmost to avoid:

Not doing your research

With the internet, you can easily research on pricing, car makes and models, rebates and even online reviews to pick out the right Mercedes Benz dealer near you. So don’t go into this without doing your homework, says MSN. The more information you have on your hands, the better your decisions will be.

Shopping at one dealership

Don’t limit your options to a single dealership. Look around. And make sure you go to a certified, authorized Mercedes Benz dealer or dealership. That’s one way to keep unscrupulous dealers at bay who might want to sell you less than stellar choices.

Focusing on the monthly rate

That monthly rate isn’t the only figure you should keep in mind. Focusing on that could blind you to a whole lot of other charges and fees. Before you know it, you could end up locked into a deal with so many extras in the bundles that the seeming discount on the monthly rate has little, if any, effect.

Talking about your payment plan

Dealers get a cut when you go with the dealership’s financing plan. So if they think you’re going to head that way, they might be willing to argue to a lower rate on that car. So if you plan on paying another way, keep that information to yourself at least until after the negotiations are done and over with. It could help you slash a bit off your total costs.

So take the time to prepare before you go to a dealer. It could make a huge difference in cost-savings.