Buying a Kia in Santa Fe in August? Expert Tips from NM Dealerships

by | Aug 18, 2022 | Autos

A vehicle is also an investment, so it’s good and acceptable to be fussy about everything related to the purchase. Of course, you’ll want to buy a Kia from Santa Fe, NM dealerships when prices are lowest and incentives are great. Any experienced car buyer will tell you that December is the best time to buy. After all, this is when manufacturers and dealerships offer tons of year-end deals. But that also means you’ll have to wait five more agonizing months before you can finally drive your new vehicle.

Don’t wait too long and just buy it this August. This may sound new and unpopular, but many brands also release some of their best car deals and incentives this month. Here’s why they do that.

Ride for the kids

Classes usually start in early September. For most parents, it’s a significant chapter of their children’s lives. It’s particularly a big deal for those sending their kids to college outside the city. Families giving their young adults vehicles as a going-away gift is commonplace across the country, and car dealerships know this. You can hop on the bandwagon and enjoy the perks of late summer car buying even if you’re not sending anyone off to college.

Ready to spend tax refunds

They say the worst time to buy a car is between February and July because vehicles are most expensive during this period. Understandably, new models have just rolled out in February, and the consumers are getting their tax refunds. It’s an exciting time for buyers, but it could also be a recipe for a price hike.

Eventually, by mid-July, the hype will have died down as quickly as the prices. Dealerships know manufacturers will start releasing new models in early September, so they must get ready to sell their remaining inventory. Some consumers know this. So, instead of buying during the peak season, they wait until August to buy.

New model roll-out in early spring

Most car manufacturers start releasing new models in September through January. Out of excitement, many buyers rethink their plans to buy current models and wait for the new arrivals instead. The only way dealerships can get rid of their older models and make room for the latest ones is to lure back prospects with exciting promos, which often last until the end of the year. You might find these promos interesting.

Many incentives and choices

Car dealerships indeed offer their biggest incentives in December. Dealers are also more aggressive in selling cars because of the commissions for each vehicle they sell. But the thing is, this whole razzmatazz starts in late August, and it only gets so much better because dealerships are becoming more and more desperate to clear their showrooms as the year reaches its end. But what good would the incentives do if you’re left with few choices? If you buy now, you still have a complete catalog to peruse and not have to choose from a limited lineup of makes and models that aren’t even on your list.

Doing your research before heading to a dealership showroom can save you the trouble of checking every car available. You can narrow down your list and find the Kia from Santa Fe, NM that matches your criteria. And knowing the best time to buy it can help you maximize your car-buying power. Check out Fiesta Kia for more helpful tips.

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