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Best Times To Visit Philadelphia Car Dealerships

According to a Sales Satisfaction Index survey completed by J.D Power in 2017, the average time a person in the US spends making a car purchase at a dealer is 3.6 hours. This is rated by most Philadelphia car buyers as an extreme amount of time to complete the transaction.

Purchasing a vehicle from car dealerships does require extra steps compared to most types of transactions. The dealership has to run a credit check, negotiate a payment structure, and then actually process the loan. Some of this can now be done from home, including the pre-approval on the loan, the credit check, and even valuing the trade in.

Planning the Visit

Another way to shorten your time at car dealerships is to plan your arrival time at the dealership to coincide with a low volume buyer time. The internet makes this easy, with a quick search on Google providing information on the high and low volume times throughout the day and the week.

Generally, for vehicle purchases, car dealerships tend to be quieter in the mornings and on Tuesdays throughout the day. For vehicle service, Monday mornings are often a peak time, with both sales and service volumes highest in the hours right after work. At most Car dealerships Philadelphia, late Saturday afternoon is often less busy, with just after noon the peak time for buyers and shoppers.

Sales and special events will increase the number of car shoppers, which can lead to longer time to wait for financing approval and final signing of all purchase and loan agreements.