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Belt Tensioner Meets OEM Standards for Long Life and Durability

MICHELIN is a trusted component manufacturer that makes heavy-duty belts and tensioners for automotive and industrial applications. The MICHELIN belt tensioner helps to maintain the proper tension of the belt system for engine timing. This can help reduce engine vibrations and friction that can cause wear.

Quality Standards

MICHELIN knows that a quality belt tensioner can help your vehicle run more efficiently. Just like the Gates belt tensioner, MICHELIN’s belt tensioner has been manufactured from quality materials and to tight specifications. It is protected from road contaminants for a longer service life of the part.

OEM Standards

The belt tensioner is made to the same specifications as the Original Equipment Manufacturer part. You can find a match for many SUVs, crossovers, light trucks, cars, and vans. You can find one to fit both domestic and foreign brands.

Proper Belt Tension

Proper belt tension helps your belt avoid friction and extends the life of the belt by reducing wear. The tensioner adjusts to accommodate slight stretching of the belt over time. This prevents it from slipping. When purchasing a belt tensioner, make sure to check and make sure the component is compatible with your make and model of vehicle before purchase.

A belt tensioner is an important part for keeping your serpentine belt working as it should for a long time, and MICHELIN has a longstanding reputation for quality parts. website name offers a wide selection of MICHELIN serpentine belts, idlers, and tensioners for many makes and models. Visit the website to find the one that is right for you.