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Avoid Unexpected Vehicle Failure With Expert Auto Repair in East Lansing MI

A vehicle failure can happen at any moment. Unfortunately, this can also result in the driver and occupants being stranded while they wait for a tow service or other help to arrive. Thankfully, there are certain types of Auto Repair in East Lansing MI that may lower the chance of vehicle failure. For instance, simple maintenance such as regular oil changes can reduce the wear on the engine and check the quality of the belts tells the vehicle owner when they are close to failure.

One area that every automobile owner needs to focus on is the braking system. Poor brakes can result in a serious accident because they don’t stop the vehicle the way that people expect. As the brake pads degrade the car or truck can require more room for stopping. Even worse, worn brakes can damage other components such as wheel rotors. Excessive wear can force the rotor to break or require an expensive replacement. Brakes also need occasional fluid checks because low fluid levels can result in the air in the line or wear on internal seals.

Some areas of the vehicle tend to get less attention than others. For example, the suspension system is often neglected because people get used to the way an automobile rides or handles. However, the suspension system is critical for proper vehicle control and should have expert Auto Repair in East Lansing MI as quickly as possible. In fact, replacing any worn shock absorbers or struts may be the best repair the vehicle ever gets. Not only does this improve the way it rides, but it may also help increase tire life.

Once the vehicle is rolling smoothly and stopping properly, it may be time to consider fuel economy. There are various ways to get better mileage, but the most critical is an engine tuneup. Tuning the engine improves performance and this means more power to move the weight of the car or truck. Tuning methods will vary with the type of vehicle. For example, gasoline engines will typically need new spark plugs and wires while diesel engines may require the mechanic to clean the injectors or check various filters. Contact the experts at Liskey’s Auto & Truck Service for more details.