Are insurance rates lower with a used car?

by | Jan 14, 2019 | Auto Repair

When are insurance rates low? When the car is used, it doesn’t carry the high price. That’s when insurance rates are lower. High price equals high insurance rates.

The conventional wisdom is that the worth of your car should not be more than half your annual salary, so if you’re making $30,000 a year, you should own a car worth no more than $15,000.

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You can save money on your next car purchase by buying at Ford Used Cars Barrington. Buying used cars is the best way to keep the cost of purchase low and get more value for your dollar.

The steep depreciation hit you take when you buy a new car lasts on average about three years. If you buy a three-year-old car, you have avoided the steep depreciation hit.

Certified pre-owned vehicles can be the best bet if you’re leery of the used car market. You get to save thousands of dollars compared to a new car purchase, and you might get a new warranty and a financing deal.

When buying used, get all the numbers. How many miles has the vehicle driven? How does the high mileage affect the price? Don’t get overcharged.

Is the used car you’re considering been recalled? Find out if the previous owner had the problem fixed before you seriously consider it.

If you have found a used car you really love and you still have doubts, consider offering your mechanic $100 to check it over.

Who doesn’t wonder about an old warranty? When you buy a used car, ask the previous owner if the warranty can be transferred.

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