A Few Helpful Tips For Buying A Used Car

by | Sep 2, 2016 | Automotive

If you are looking to have a great car but you don’t particularly want to pay big money, buying a used car is definitely the way to go. Regardless of whether you are after an inexpensive runabout as a second car or a luxury vehicle, you have a wide range of choices.

Used cars are great value:

Cars that have been built in the last ten or fifteen years are far better than those built before that time. Cars today are designed for maximum efficiency and safety, the use the finest materials available and are produced to a very high standard. Knowing that a three or four-year-old used Chevy in Chicago has many good years left it can save you a great deal at the lot. New cars are wonderful, there is no getting around that, but they depreciate as much as 20 percent the moment you take title to them. By the beginning of the third year the typical car that was purchased new is worth about half its initial value.

Buy from a dealer:

When a new car dealer takes a car in trade it is assessed, if it has seen better days it is usually shipped off to a used car auction or sold to a typical corner used car lot. Those trade-ins that are in extremely good condition are checked thoroughly, faulty parts are replaced, any necessary repairs are made and then, and only then, are they offered for sale.

You can always go one step further again and opt for a certified pre-owned car. These cars, many of which have been returned off lease, are subjected to an intensive inspection; everything that has to be done to put them in perfect condition is done. These vehicles are given an extended warranty and usually come with other perks.

When you buy your used Chevy in Chisago from a reputable dealer you will pay a little more than if you buy privately but you are assured of a far better car and peace of mind.

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