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Deciding Between a Tiny House or a Vehicle From One of the RV Dealers in Des Moines

People who are ready to downsize for a more convenient lifestyle may still want to live on their own lot instead of moving to an apartment. That desire can result in them being torn between two options. The first option would be to have a tiny house constructed or buy a park model home. The second would be to visit one of the RV dealers in Des Moines and buy a trailer or motorhome. Park models are technically trailers, but people generally treat them like manufactured homes and keep them in one place. With an RV, it’s much easier to take that vehicle somewhere else for a weekend or longer if the person gets the urge.

These individuals need to realize that the living space in an RV is pretty small. They’re looking at a maximum of 400 sq. ft.; many of the RVs only have around 300 sq. ft., but more is obtained if the trailer has a slide-out. This is generally two or three times smaller than a typical one-bedroom or two-bedroom apartment. However, many people embrace the RV lifestyle and find ways to get along in that limited space.

It can be a challenge when spouses or domestic partners move into this abode. They typically set up an outdoor area for extra room by having an awning that shelters them from sunshine and rain. When one person likes to have his or her own space, choosing a motorhome with a bedroom is advantageous. These are available at a facility such as Imperial RV Center. The motorhome feels like a cabin or cottage, or a one-bedroom apartment at a retirement community. Many people find this living arrangement to be very comfortable.

By choosing a model from one of the RV dealers in Des Moines instead of a tiny house to be permanently situated on a lot, the people have the option of mobility and travel. They don’t have to stay at motels or resorts because they bring their little home with them. This is especially easy to get used to for anyone who’s spent much time camping in a tent or even a small camper.

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